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Unveiling Eco-Fashion at L'ECLAIREUR's Exclusive Pop-Up

Unveiling Eco-Fashion at L'ECLAIREUR's Exclusive Pop-Up



During the period from September 23 to October 7, 2019, RE;CODE curated a captivating pop-up store within the esteemed L'ECLAIREUR editorial store in Paris, France. L'ECLAIREUR, a venerable Parisian establishment with a fashion-forward legacy spanning nearly 35 years, took a bold step by reimagining its collection of men's suits. This involved presenting structured designs characterized by inventive cuts and intricate pleat details. Moreover, the store leveraged its inventory of padded, knitted, and functional jackets to fashion casual pieces seamlessly blending into street fashion aesthetics.

In addition to the showcase at L'ECLAIREUR, RE;CODE extended its reach by featuring its upcycled fashion in pop-up stores at THE STORE in Berlin and within the dynamic milieu of London Fashion Week. The brand's commitment to sustainable fashion, a burgeoning trend in the global fashion landscape, dates back to its inception in Korea in 2012. Since then, RE;CODE has garnered acclaim for its imaginative collections, receiving positive responses from a discerning audience attuned to the evolving realm of creative and eco-conscious fashion.




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