RE;CODE aims to help people lead a conscious life through environmentally and socially responsible clothing. We believe that the daily act of wearing clothes can be a movement of values for society and the environment.

Fashion is no longer a mere reflection of your taste, but your worldview. Every day, people engage with the world in different ways through fashion, which is changing the environment and the shape of our lives in moments we don't even realize. RE;CODE recognizes the enormous influence of fashion and strives to help our customers who pursue ethical consumption, better connect with the world through fashion.

First, we aim to produce clothing for the environment. We upcycle clothing inventory, the biggest problem caused by mass production, and continue to discover and use eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Second, RE;CODE is an organization of community that grows by creating social employment. We enhance the sustainability of both our brand and society through a wide range of support activities like education for the socially disadvantaged such as single mothers, defectors from North Korea, and refugees.

Third, RE;CODE's diverse activities help customers to participate in improving the environment and society. Going beyond the simple relationship of consumers and a brand, we advocate and protect a conscious way of life and culture as a change maker that brings meaningful changes to society together.