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RE;CODE has introduced 'RE;CODE by NIKE' in collaboration with the renowned sports brand, Nike. This collection was meticulously crafted utilizing Nike's performance-oriented apparel and accessories seamlessly integrated with Kolon FnC's diverse inventory of apparel and fabrics. The outcome is a curated selection comprising 30 distinctive apparel styles, such as sweatshirts, cape jumpers, and dresses, alongside 25 types of accessories including bags, hats, and mufflers. These creations vividly embody the brand's distinctive design philosophy of deconstruction and recombination.

Complementing the product launch, RE;CODE orchestrated both online and offline upcycling workshops in partnership with Nike. The virtual workshop took place in real-time through the communication platform Zoom at 7 p.m. on August 4, 2020, attracting a participation of over 100 individuals who had pre-registered on, including actor Ryu Jun-yeol. Through this engaging workshop, RE;CODE generously shared its expertise in upcycling, guiding participants in the transformation of seldom-worn sweatshirts into fresh and innovative items.







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