Discover the RE;TABLE movement by RE;CODE,
promoting upcycling as a small yet impactful step toward environmental protection.
Gather with friends and family at the table to enjoy the fun of upcycling anytime, anywhere.
Experience the joy of upcycling and promote environmental conservation at RE;CODE's RE;TABLE.

Environmental Education via Upcycling

Through our retable, you can engage in environmental education, experiencing the value of the environment and the satisfaction of creating and using your own items. By actively participating in upcycling, we aim to make environmental consciousness an accessible and enjoyable consideration rather than a challenging one.

Empowering Single Moms for Self-Sufficiency

We offer employment opportunities to single mothers as upcycling workshop instructors, supporting them in sustaining their economic endeavors. Providing upcycling and sewing training to single mothers facing challenges in balancing childcare and economic activities, we identify individuals with talent to become professional instructors. Upon completing the training, these single mothers work as skilled upcycling workshop instructors, contributing to the stabilization of their lives through ongoing economic activities.