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RE;CODE at the Boisbuchet Design Workshop in France

RE;CODE at the Boisbuchet Design Workshop in France


On June 30, 2019, RE;CODE became the first Korean fashion brand to partake in the week-long Boisbuchet Design and Architecture Workshop in France. The workshop, a collaborative initiative featuring esteemed institutions such as Vitra Design Museum, Centre Pompidou, and the International Center for Education and Culture, has consistently organized interdisciplinary sessions with renowned designers and experts from diverse nations as lecturers. For this specific occasion, the workshop enlisted Carlie Le Mindu, a French hair visual artist recognized for his collaboration with pop icon Lady Gaga, as a collaborative lecturer. The session explored innovative approaches to upcycling, showcasing a range of experimental endeavors.

RE;CODE furnished participants with an assortment of materials sourced from RE;CODE's product range, incorporating garments and fabrics from Kolon FnC's inventory, parachutes, and airbags. Through a collaborative effort, participants crafted a diverse array of upcycled fashion pieces by ingeniously merging the assorted materials supplied by RE;CODE with stock hairpieces contributed by Carlie Le Mindu.






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