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Upcycled Creations at Kia's EV6 Unplugged Ground

Upcycled Creations at Kia's EV6 Unplugged Ground



RE;CODE orchestrated an exhibition at Kia's EV6 Unplugged Ground Sungsu, delving into the essence of sustainability. Employing upcycled materials, RE;CODE ingeniously fashioned sensory objects centered around 'dots,' the fundamental components of shapes, symbolically conveying the concept of creating something novel through the organic assembly of these dots. In the experimental phase, discarded seat materials from the EV6, components salvaged from decommissioned cars, and labels sourced from clothing materials were amalgamated to form a spherical creation. This sphere was then suspended, skillfully embodying the sporty design lines of the EV6 above the actual E-GMP.

Within the lounge area, RE;CODE's bending machine offered upcycled goods crafted through the disassembly and reassembly of automotive interior byproducts, such as airbags and car seats. Among the products available were a key ring featuring a seatbelt-motif strap, a cardholder wallet ingeniously repurposed from a car seat, an AirPod case, and an airbag pouch. Notably, the packaging of the bending machine was thoughtfully designed for reusability, serving as a piggy bank and reinforcing the sustainability message. Further contributing to this ethos, the staff uniforms were meticulously crafted by RE;CODE, utilizing leftover fabric sourced from the factory.



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