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RE;CODE's Cheongdam Flagship Store

RE;CODE's Cheongdam Flagship Store



RE;CODE celebrated the grand opening of its flagship store in Cheongdam on May 11, 2023. Since its inception in 2012, RE;CODE has not only sustained its collections for over a decade but has also manifested its values through diverse expressions of fashion. This includes ongoing collaborations with independent designers, support for the socially disadvantaged, the upcycling workshop 'RE;TABLE,' and the propagation of craftsmanship spirit through participation in various art fairs globally. The Cheongdam flagship store stands as the focal point of this multifaceted content series, serving as a new cornerstone for the brand.

Considerable effort has been invested in embodying sustainability within the flagship store itself. The collaborative design of the flagship store was realized in partnership with Schemata Architects, a distinguished Japanese architectural firm renowned for accentuating the inherent qualities of materials within a space. The store integrates pulp boards crafted from newspapers, wood sourced from aged houses, and repurposed roof tiles throughout its design. Reflecting the brand's ethos of collaboration with various artists, the flagship store incorporates mobile hangers and display tables, allowing for dynamic presentations of products.

The Cheongdam Flagship store introduces a personalized redesign service known as 'MOL.' MOL, representing Memory of Love, is an individualized customization service where customers can bring garments infused with memories and love, collaborating with a designer to transform them into new designs through tailored consultations. The design process is meticulously determined through in-depth discussions, and upon completion, customers receive a personalized note detailing the journey of the garment's transformation.


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